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Typical Projects

Preparing Reviews and Scoping Documents

Prepared a review of competing products, as part of a funding proposal - for a UK SME

Prepared a literature review to assess the current utility of an imaging technique in assessing drug efficacy - for a large pharmaceutical company

Prepared an overview of recent developments in medical imaging, to help inform product planning - for a UK SME

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Learning and Teaching

Co-authored a masters level interactive learning DVD - for a UK university

Prepared a study guide for masters level distance learning module - for a UK university

Prepared supporting teaching materials for a publication - for an international agency

Project management and monitoring

Prepared an interim review of the impact of a large, multi-partner project - for a UK organisation

Project monitoring for a major funding scheme - subcontracted by a UK SME

Project management and liaison with academic groups undertaking research supported by industry - for a large pharmaceutical company

Coordinating editor for set of final project reports - for a UK organisation