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A Practical Approach to Medical Image Processing

Elizabeth Berry

The book

practical approach book cover

This textbook and CD (ISBN: 9781584888246) were published by Taylor and Francis in December 2007

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Extract from the preface:

" In spite of the highly visual nature of image processing, and the ready availability of software tools, most image processing textbooks approach the subject either from a mathematical perspective or using a computer science approach. A Practical Approach to Medical Image Processing has been written in acknowledgment that digital image processing tools are now widely available, and that there are groups for whom neither traditional approach is suitable. This is especially true in medical imaging, where students in higher education and individuals in a variety of professional groups want to work with images and perform image processing, but without doing any programming. The approach is very practical and there are activities throughout the book that use the freely available software package ImageJ ".

Is this the book for you?

This textbook is ideal for taught postgraduate courses that involve image processing, such as those in radiography, medical imaging, medical physics and biomedical engineering. The book is very suitable for distance learning because feedback is included for all questions. Using software helps to reinforce didactic points, and by learning to use a complete image processing package (rather than something written especially for teaching purposes) readers will be in a strong position to apply their skills in the future.

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